October 7th, 2018 Message at Genesis West: "The Accuser"


This past Sunday I was once again blessed to have the opportunity to speak to the Genesis West Covenant Church community. This time I preached from Job 1:1 & 2:1-10 in a message entitled “The Accuser”.

Who is “The Accuser”, what is his goal and how does it impact our relationship with God?

Those are the questions I try to answer in this message.

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Links for Episode 11


In Episode 11 of “The Unlikely Seminarian” I mentioned some resources you might want to check out.

First, if you’d like a good diagram of the spectrum of bible translations, check out this one from BibleGateway.com. It does an excellent job of showing where some of the most-used translations live on the “word-for-word” to “thought-for-thought” spectrum.

Next, if you’d like to look deeper into the new testament manuscripts - how many there are, how that amount of data translates into reliability, as well as see lots of great photos - take a look at the website for the Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts.

Finally, if you want to delve deeper into the different translations, how they’re used and which ones are right for you, take a look at “How to Choose a Translation For All It’s Worth” by Fee and Strauss.

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This Good Word


Steve Wiens is the Senior Pastor at Genesis Covenant Church and an accomplished author and speaker. He's my pastor, my mentor and most importantly, my friend. So I couldn't have been more humbled or excited when he invited me onto his podcast, "This Good Word" to talk about my journey and "The Unlikely Seminarian".

I hope you'll take some time to listen to our conversation and search back through the rest of "This Good Word" episodes. There are so many great conversations to enjoy!

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Podcast Link: http://www.thisgoodword.podbean.com/


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