...And Off We Go!

Thanks for checking out "The Unlikely Seminarian"! 

I've posted the first two episodes which can be listened to individually, or back to back. I'm working on getting the iTunes feed up and running. Once that's set, you'll be able to listen from the website, or via your favorite Podcast app! I'll post here once that's all set.

I'm also toying with bringing over a blog post from a previous website that I wrote back in 2012. It goes further in depth on some of the issues I mention in Episode 2. If you're interested, click on the email or twitter links at the bottom of the page and let me know. The more interest there is, the more likely I am to post it... and likely amend it, because a lot's happened in the last 6 years!

Thanks for visiting the site and listening to the podcast.

God bless!